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Martin Crespo was born in Brooklyn, New York.  

His first introduction into the psychic/spiritual realm began at the young age of four. At this age Martin started seeing shadows and figures coming out of open windows and walls.  By the age of nine he experimented with hands on healing on family members and to everyone’s surprise it resulted in positive outcomes. 

These were very confusing times for Martin, as he had to balance the teachings he was learning in his elementary Catholic school while at the same time seeing ghosts and not be able to explain nor understand it. 

Most of his young life he was forced to hide his experiences from family and friends for fear of being ridiculed and laughed at. 

It was not until an encounter with a parapsychologist from the University of Miami at the age of 19 that Martin was able to finally attain valuable guidance and assistance.

Prior to that, he found himself in an answer seeking quest with his mother. From visiting Santeros, psychics, healers, and anything they could get their hands on to help explain what Martin was experiencing.

Martin majored in Psychology, seeking his Bachelors degree from Florida International University.  While simultaneously handling responsibilities as a top level manager for a phone company.

As time went by, his abilities became stronger and more difficult to hide. He discovered an urgency to open his gifts to the public.  Eventually, after much reluctances he gave into the call from of his Angel and guides that kept urging him to leave his corporate job and focus full time on working one on one with people. 

He opened his company Holistic Interventions Inc.

He has now had the joy and honor of working with over 12,000 clients in counseling and healing sessions.

Over the last 20 years he has appeared on many major Spanish television programs such as Cristina, Occurio Asi, Despierta America, Primer Impacto as well as radio programs. He also began a lecture/workshop circuit in the United States and South America over the last ten years.  

He has presented lectures at his alma mater F.I.U. as well as the University of Miami. For 9 years he was an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College teaching courses in the metaphysical realm as well as Reiki healing certifications.

With the use of Skype and now Zoom, Martin has been able to connect with clients across the globe in English and Spanish.

His ability to see and communicate with Guardian Angels has been shared in his book “Messenger For The Guardians” which was released in English and Spanish.

Martin feels his highest accomplishments are assisting individuals release fear, heal from emotional and physical traumas, and helping others open to their own psychic abilities.   

Martin resides in Miami Florida with his wife Michele, and their son Christopher. He plans to continue on his spiritual quest of learning and teaching as long as he possibly can.

This book takes messages given to thousands of individuals during private consultations and presents them in a simplified way for all of humanity. Various subjects such as fear, love, health, actual cases from clients, followup exercises and meditations allow the reader to truly absorb the value of the lessons our Guardian angels wish for us to understand. These are not inspired moments but actual conversations the author has had during his lifetime ability to see and speak with the level of Guardian angels.
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A Candid Conversation
with the Angel Man


In this interview you can learn more about Martin’s inner journey & struggles. How he discovered his gifts, how he overcome his resistances to it. How and why he transitioned from a corporate job to committing himself 100% full time to doing readings for people and connecting them with their Guardian Angels. 

You will also learn information about angels and the spirit world.