IN-HOUSE ANGEL READING   $175.00           This session is perfect for anyone who is local as this reading takes place in my office. 60min approx.

This reading takes place online Via Zoom or Skype. ONLINE ANGEL READING $175.00

Intuitive Reiki Healing


Same as traditional reiki healing but more in depth because I use psychic intuition to discover past life patterns which are affecting present physical health state and gain insight from your angel and spirit guides. 


During you free consultation I will assess your energetic body to ensure that you would actually benefit from this type of healing service.

Healing Services are offered only in person.

$100.00 | 60 min

Home or Business Energy Balancing


Whether it is cause by negative vibrations or entity, this energy can damage business and personal home harmony. Unseen and felt through normal human abilities, these energies can destroy the environment by creating economic problems, health issues, communication barriers, and disharmony. 

Charges or fees for this work based on individual case and work involved. 

This service cannot be booked online. 

Please contact us directly to book. 

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Spiritual Emotions Coach

“An Angel reading provides the client with an immense level of information to understand where blockages are originated and advice where changes are required to align with their soul purpose and life mission.Yet sometimes knowing all this information is not enough. The individual needs to know how to release, change, and create new patterns in their lives. 


This is where my good friend Stephanie comes in. She is a Spiritual Emotions Coach who has been helping many women find their true selves by providing them with tools, guidance and the courage to change and release those emotions, beliefs and patterns that are holding them back from aligning with their souls purpose and life mission. 

Here is a link to her website that will offer you more details into her & her work 






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energy healing

What is the difference between a Traditional Reiki Healing and Intuitive Reiki Healing ? 

Do you offer long distance healing and does it have the same effect as in person?  

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Meeting your Guardian Angel is a beautiful opportunity to learn what your souls purpose is, how much of your life mission you’ve accomplished thus far, what you need to do or change in your life to attain your souls purpose. You’ll learn that you have never been alone, that your always been guided even when you aren’t aware of it. 

You will learn about any blocks or negative patterns that are causing illness or misalignments in your life. You will learn about your book of life and what you wrote in it prior to this incarnation. 

For many people it’s a great confirmation of what they already know. 

An angel reading gives you clarity & insights in a way that you haven’t experienced before. 

Start focusing in on  the areas of your life in which you are seeking guidance, clarity, or healing. Make a list of questions. Angels deliver their answers from the general to the specific. The more specific you are in your questions, the more the Angels can zero in on the concerns you have. 

Absolutely not!  Angels Readings are completely nondenominational. The Angels don’t care if you don’t subscribe to organized religion.

Yes, during your reading your Angel may deliver timeline messages and possible warnings, but there are times those timeline can be delayed due to you taking a different course of action, negative emotions and or not acting on the information given. 

It’s the mission of your Guardian Angel to help you understand where you are blocked, what energies are surrounding you,  and show you where your current actions and thoughts may take you.

It is important that you recognize that your path is ultimately up to you, because you have free will.

When dealing with timelines, please know that the time factor depends on the effort and actions that you are willing to make and take to achieve the outcome.

Throughout my 20 + years of doing readings, I’ve noticed that too often after a reading the person tends to focus more on the timelines and future of whats been told to come instead of focusing on taking action on the things their Angel have asked them to do, let go of or change. 

Which tends to always delay or change a persons timeline because they spend more time obsessing over what’s to come but not making any strides to take action on what they have been told. 

If your Guardian Angel tells you, that you are going to meet your soulmate in a year from now, have faith that it will come to passing but do not get caught up in the timeline. 

Any traditional or intuitive reiki healing cannot be booked without having a free 10 min consultation. This is to ensure that you actually need a healing, and that you would benefit from it. During your free consultation, I will doing an energy scan and tune into your Guides & Guardian Angel to determine what, if at all you need that is for your highest good. 

Readings are offered both in person at my office or online via ZOOM if you wish to be able to recorded your session or SKYPE. 

Please note: that if you do a reading in my office or through Skype you need to provided your own form of recording. 

Zoom allows you to record your sessions if you wish. It has a built in recorded. Just ensure that you have enough space on your computer to save the video. 

See scheduler for booking here:  Booking Link

Believe it or not it requires me to use more energy to connect & maintain the connection when a reading is conducted online than in person. 

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